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>Molly de Blanc:
>> COME JOIN THE OUTREACH TEAM! Please. Please please please. We'll be
>> gearing up for submitting our application for the next round of
>> Outreachy soon enough (!!!), and having more people involved would be
>> I'd love to see DW/DD and the Outreach team collaborate on other
>> mentorship initiatives as well.
>> If people are interested in talking about any of this mentorship
>> in the near term, we can plan some IRC meetings.
>Let's do that.
>I think I would not be able to provide long term mentorship to anybody
>because I am too busy with other things. But: I'd happily be a point of
>contact for all sorts of questions, like "What do I need to do in order
>to $XYZ?" "Who can I talk to about $ABC?" etc. Or could there be a
>private mailing list for such questions? Private so that people dare to

For that, for now, we have the welcome team and its page and subpages:


And the irc channel #debian-welcome

Please join the channel, add yourself to the wiki to let people know that you 
are available and for what:

>My personal feeling is that we need a list of useful things for
>newcomers, and I'd like to (collaboratively) work on that. For example:
>How do I use the BTS? Where can I learn more about packaging? How can I
>get involved in a team? Which team needs help? Which bugs could I work
>on? Where can I retrieve all sorts of information about packages? How
>can I see who maintains a package and contact them? Links to
>parts of Debian: Autodeb, Debtags, UDD… etc.

We also have:





>During the lunch we talked about reviewing/writing a newcomer page and
>this kind of stuff could go in there.
>I guess we could make that happen by scheduling one 2-hour or two
>collaborative working session(s) over pad or Gobby… Sometime in

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