On Sun, Aug 12, 2018 at 12:06 AM, Helen Koike wrote:

> Quick help here:
> "#debian-welcome: Cannot join channel (Need to be identified and
> verified to join this channel"

The NickServ info for your nick says you are not verified.

> I am already identified, how can I do the "verified" part?

I thought this referred to email verification, but the OFTC news says:

As of 2017-03-26, NickServ will require nick verification via
services.oftc.net for the +R user mode. This affects channels using
the +M and +R channel modes.
In other words, make sure to verify your newly registered nickname
using the web interface.


It looks like you have to login and solve a Google CAPTCHA:


For folks who don't run JS, python3-librecaptcha might be helpful here.

> Also, shouldn't the channel be easy for newcomers to join?

Yes, the recent spam flooding of OFTC and Freenode have caused a lot
of channels to apply +M/+R and similar channel modes to block the
spammers. I guess it might be time to disable that, especially for




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