CVSROOT:        /cvs/webwml
Module name:    webwml
Changes by:     pabs    17/08/08 13:30:59

Added files:
        english/security/2012: dsa-2391.wml 
        french/security/2012: dsa-2391.wml 

Log message:
        [SECURITY] [DSA 2391-1] phpmyadmin security update

Modified files:
        english/devel/join: nm-advocate.wml nm-checklist.wml 
                            nm-step3.wml nm-step4.wml 
        french/users/com: adroitbot.wml skroutz.wml 

Log message:
        Use gender-neutral pronouns in the documentation for joining Debian 
(Closes: #871324)
        Gendered pronouns can alienate people who use other pronouns for 
        TRANSLATORS: please use gender-neutral pronouns if possible,
        use pronouns for all of the genders or use the pronouns
        preferred by minority genders in the Debian community.
        Patch-by: Geoffrey Thomas <>

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