CVSROOT:        /cvs/webwml
Module name:    webwml
Changes by:     pabs    18/02/14 13:05:45

Modified files:
        english/mirror : 

Log message:
        Fix more encoding issues with the mirrors list.
        Do input and output in UTF-8 mode.
        Do not encode normal UTF-8 characters.
        See-also: <>

Modified files:
        bulgarian/CD/faq: index.wml 
        bulgarian/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        chinese/Bugs   : Reporting.wml 
        chinese/News   : index.wml 
        czech/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        danish/CD/faq  : index.wml 
        danish/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        danish/News/weekly/2011/06: index.wml 
        dutch/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        english/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        english/News/weekly/2011/06: index.wml 
        finnish/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        french/CD/faq  : index.wml 
        french/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        french/News/weekly/2011/06: index.wml 
        french/users/gov: sopsr.wml 
        german/CD/faq  : index.wml 
        german/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        italian/CD/faq : index.wml 
        italian/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        italian/News/weekly/2011/06: index.wml 
        japanese/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        japanese/News/weekly/2011/06: index.wml 
        korean/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        korean/security/2018: dsa-4099.wml 
        polish/CD/faq  : index.wml 
        polish/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        portuguese/CD/faq: index.wml 
        portuguese/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 
        russian/CD/faq : index.wml 
        russian/CD/jigdo-cd: index.wml 

Log message:
        Switch from http to https for links to

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