CVSROOT:        /cvs/webwml
Module name:    webwml
Changes by:     pabs    18/02/20 04:47:37

Added files:
        russian/News/2014: 20140426.wml 

Log message:
        russian translation update

Added files:
        english/security/2014: dsa-3070.wml 

Log message:
        [DSA 3070-1] kfreebsd-9 security update

Modified files:
        finnish/doc    : todo.wml 
        finnish/mirror : list.wml 
        french/doc     : todo.wml 
        german/doc     : todo.wml 
        indonesian/mirror: list.wml 
        italian/doc    : todo.wml 
        japanese/mirror: index.wml list.wml 
        polish/mirror  : index.wml 

Log message:
        Switch from http to https for links to

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