CVSROOT:        /cvs/webwml
Module name:    webwml
Changes by:     pabs    18/02/20 05:50:07

Modified files:
        english/doc    : 

Log message:
        Use blank lines consistently

Modified files:
        bulgarian/international: index.wml 
        bulgarian/ports/amd64: index.wml 
        catalan/international: index.wml 
        chinese/international: index.wml 
        chinese/ports/amd64: index.wml 
        croatian/devel/website: using_cvs.wml using_wml.wml 
        croatian/international: index.wml 
        danish/News/2015: 20150424.wml 
        danish/News/weekly/2013/21: index.wml 
        danish/News/weekly/2014/14: index.wml 

Log message:
        Switch from http to https for links to

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