CVSROOT:        /cvs/webwml
Module name:    webwml
Changes by:     pabs    18/02/20 06:54:55

Added files:
        english/security/2014: dsa-2876.wml 

Log message:
        [SECURITY] [DSA 2876-1] cups security update

Modified files:
        russian/News/2015: 20150905.wml 

Log message:
        russian translation update

Modified files:
        arabic/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        arabic/po      : 
        armenian/po    : organization.hy.po 
        bulgarian/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        bulgarian/po   : 
        catalan/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        catalan/po     : 
        chinese/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        chinese/po     : organization.zh.po 
        croatian/po    : 
        czech/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        czech/po       : organization.cs.po 
        danish/MailingLists/desc/devel: debian-blends 
        danish/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        danish/News/weekly/2011/02: index.wml 
        danish/devel/debian-jr: index.wml 
        danish/devel/debian-med: index.wml 
        danish/po      : organization.da.po 
        dutch/po       : 
        english/MailingLists/desc/devel: debian-blends 
        english/News/2011: 20110205a.wml 
        english/News/weekly/2010/09: index.wml 
        english/News/weekly/2011/02: index.wml 
        english/devel/debian-jr: index.wml 
        english/devel/debian-med: index.wml 
        english/intro  : 
        english/po     : organization.pot 

Log message:
        Switch links to
        The blends service moved from alioth to
        The alioth server is going away soon.

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