CVSROOT:        /cvs/webwml
Module name:    webwml
Changes by:     larjona 18/03/11 20:17:16

Modified files:
        german/ports/hurd: hurd-news.wml 

Log message:
        1.36: Update to reflect release of Hurd L1 DVD image series

Modified files:
        czech/partners : index.wml 
        danish/partners: index.wml 
        english/partners: index.wml 
        finnish/partners: index.wml 
        french/partners: index.wml 
        italian/partners: index.wml 
        polish/partners: index.wml 
        romanian/partners: index.wml 
        russian/partners: index.wml 
        swedish/partners: index.wml 

Log message:
        Change link pointing to chinese porn site. Fix translations as well

Added files:
        spanish/blends/hamradio: fun.wml 

Log message:
        Initial Spanish translation

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