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Virus on bugs.debian.org:


Anyone should look into that immediately.

What you show in the screenshot linked is a warning from Microsoft SmartScreen Filter.

I've reproduced the problem in a Windows machine with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (if SmartScreen is enabled). I've reviewed the SmartScreen FAQ [1] and this is what I've learnt:

[1] FAQ: https://feedback.smartscreen.microsoft.com/smartscreenfaq.aspx

* SmartScreen can report sites as "unsafe", if they contain links to malicious software. Maybe somebody reported our BTS as unsafe because they found spam in a bug report, and Microsoft has tagged the whole BTS as "potentially unsafe".

* However, I see no such links to malicious sites or spam in the bug report that you sent to us (#780392), so I assume it's a false positive of SmartScreen. I've just reported the site as "safe" to Microsoft. This can be done in the same screen where the red warning is shown, as explained in the FAQ: Q: "One of the sites I visit is being flagged by SmartScreen Filter, but it's not an unsafe website. What can I do?".

* You can also include bugs.debian.org in the list of safe websites for SmartScreen (more details in the FAQ, Q: "Can I customize a list of trusted sites for SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer?")

* For the Debian side, in each bug report webpage there is a link at the end to "Send a report that this bug log contains spam". I encourage you to use that link to report spam if you find it in the BTS, but as I noted above, this issue looks like a false positive of SmartScreen, not a problem in the Debian bug tracking system.

Thanks in any case for caring!

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