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2016-09-20 05:31 +0000

Tagging upload of vulkan to unstable.
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Changes since vulkan-
Arda Coskunses (2):
      layers: correct typo vkExternalMemoryHandleTypeFlagsNV
      layers: correct param in vkCmdDebugMarkerEndEXT

Chris Forbes (43):
      tests: Add test for descriptor type mismatch
      tests: Add test for consuming COMBINED_IMAGE_SAMPLER as sampler
      tests: Add test for consuming COMBINED_IMAGE_SAMPLER as sampled image
      layers: Allow consuming COMBINED_IMAGE_SAMPLER as separate pieces
      tests: Add test for consuming COMBINED_IMAGE_SAMPLER as both
      layers: Relax SC descriptor binding uniqueness to allow split variables
      tests: Add TEST_DESCRIPTION to shader checker tests
      tests: Add test for image view type mismatch at draw time
      tests: Add test for SS/MS mismatch between image and shader
      layers: Add enum for descriptor requirements
      layers: Add plumbing for descriptor requirements
      layers: Generate appropriate sets of requirement flags for OpTypeImage
      layers: Validate image view type requirement for descriptor sets
      tests: Tweak dynamic viewport/scissor tests to hit partial updates
      layers: Track valid dynamic scissor and viewport indices with masks
      layers: Drop QUEUE_NODE::device
      layers: Add some TODOs for weird code that should go away
      layers: Fix #808 broken mapping of image types to view types
      layers: Fix function interception list for param validation
      layers: Account for read-only depthstencil attachments in ValidateLayout
      layers: Adjust color/input attachment layout checks style
      layers: Rework work tracking
      tests: Turn on some more tests that now pass.
      tests: Add simple test for an input attachment not described in subpass
      layers: Add helper to collect shader's use of input attachments
      layers: Require every input attachment used by FS to be present.
      tests: Add test for array of input attachments
      layers: Correctly handle input attachment collection w/ arrays
      tests: Add test for type mismatch between input attachment and shader
      layers: Validate fundamental type for input attachments
      tests: Add positive test for use of input attachments
      layers: Allow get_fundamental_type to look through OpTypeImage
      docs: Add description of new SC cases
      layers: return collect_* result containers rather than using & out
      layers: Impose singlesample/multisample constraints on input attachment 
      layers: Don't spuriously produce an error if there are no view type bits 
      layers: Fix reporting of multiple allowed image view types
      tests: Add test case for excessive CmdNextSubpass
      layers: Make CmdNextSubpass more careful about side effects on failure
      layers: add error to CmdNextSubpass if stepping beyond last subpass
      layers: Make CmdEndRenderPass more careful about side effects on failure
      tests: Add test for EndRenderPass before reaching final subpass
      layers: Add error for CmdEndRenderPass before reaching final subpass

Cody Northrop (9):
      android: Lift global offset table size limit (-mxgot)
      tests: Create APK version of layer validation tests
      toolchain: Update revisions for Android
      demos: Fix Android build on OSX and Windows
      toolchain: Fix SPIRV-Headers update script
      Revert "tests: Change IndependentBlend test to use new InitState parm"
      Revert "tests: Enable passing PhysicalDeviceFeatures to InitState"
      Revert "tests: Move device creation from Setup to InitState"
      tests: Re-enable changes to InitState()

Cort (2):
      tests: Fixed typo in test name
      tests: Added test for invalid polygonMode

David Hubbard (1):
      adding vulkan.py extension.ifdef field to vulkan.py

David Pinedo (1):
      misc: Support for cross-platform trace/replay

Dustin Graves (7):
      codegen: Sync with Vulkan-Docs vk.xml
      layers: Add codegen header version
      layers: Change pNext validation error to warning
      tests: Remove duplicate pNext test
      layers: Add parameter name formatting class
      layers: Fix parameter_validation array name format
      layers: Fix paramter_validation array name codegen

Endre Oma (1):
      header: fix vulkan.hpp detection of 64-bit arch

Ian Elliott (6):
      Fix Android build for mips64: NULL -> VK_NULL_HANDLE
      GH 818: Improve swapchain error for vkCreateSwapchainKHR()
      layers: GH849: Defend against poorly-written applications
      demos: Update some of the WSI code to match the spec example code
      Add new text to discuss wrapping of objects, including cautions.
      layers: Remove old/unnecessary FIXME from swapchain layer

James Jones (1):
      Fix VK_NV_external_memory_capabilities support

Jamie Madill (1):
      layers: Fix an MSVS error and a warning.

Jeff Juliano (1):
      use "exit /b", not "exit"

Jeremy Hayes (4):
      tests: test loader enumeration
      loader: return incomplete when count < available
      tests: add implicit layer tests
      tests: remove bad tests

Jesse Hall (1):
      vkjson: Don't enable any instance layers

Johannes van Waveren (1):
      layers: gh793 gen vk_dispatch_table_helper.h

John Drinkwater (1):
      loader: support manifests in XDG locations

Karl Schultz (3):
      build: gh672 Fix CMake CXX_FLAGS inheritance
      build: Restore default symbol visibility to layers/tests
      layers: Use actual enum type name in err msg

Lenny Komow (17):
      winsdk: Make installer version programmable
      demos: Fix useless NULL check in cube and tri
      misc: Add vulkan C++ header
      winsdk: Add C program for runtime configuration
      winsdk: Make RT installer use C program
      winsdk: Clean up confiure_runtime.c and docs
      winsdk: Move uninstall log to temp
      winsdk: Create layer registry if it doesn't exist
      header: Update vulkan.hpp to 1.0.24
      winsdk: Fix uninstall log not clearing old copies
      winsdk: Remove rt installer using msvcr120.dll
      winsdk: Fix powershell error to say ConfigureRT
      winsdk: Correct installer log renaming
      header: Update vulkan.hpp to 1.0.25
      winsdk: Fix releases showing as older than alphas
      header: Bump vulkan.hpp to 1.0.26
      winsdk: Fix ConfigureRT.exe not being deleted

Mark Lobodzinski (104):
      layers: Clarify std_validation usage in README
      layers: Fix Windows build warning
      layers: Update object_tracker layer
      layers: Fix thread-safety fails in OT FreeXxx APIs
      tests: Fix up LVT for ObjectTracker msg changes
      layers: Fixup OT error messages
      layers: Update codegen for OT removal
      tests: Update doc validation script
      layers: Restore OT WSI GPA prefixes
      layers: Remove debug comments from OT.h
      tests: Fix OT error in commandpool test
      layers: GH650, Fix D/S image layout validation
      tests: Modify ErrorMonitor for warn behavior
      layers: Reenable fix for DS layout transitions
      layers: Add minor Image::CreateRenderPass updates
      layers: LX578, Add CreateRenderPass format check
      tests: Add test for undefined format check
      layers: Update validation layer details doc
      layers: GH790, Validate queue family at submit-time
      tests: Add QFI-queueSubmit test
      layers: Update details doc w/new queue family test
      layers: Validate Enabled Features in PV
      layers: Add WSI support to parameter_validation
      layers: Update PV variable names, clang-format
      layers: Fix missing PV WSI registration
      layers: GH785, Validate rasterinfo->polygonMode
      layers: Update details document for new PV test
      tests: Fix typo in test comment
      layers: Fix typo in layer validation details doc
      layers: Replace swapchain LOG_ERROR macros
      layers: Removed LOG_ERROR_NON_VALID_OBJ macro
      layers: Remove swapchain NULL_POINTER checks
      layers: Remove swapchain INVALID_COUNT macro
      layers: In-line swapchain zero_prior_count macro
      layers: Remove swapchain WRONG_STYPE checks
      layers: Removed swapchain ZERO_VALUE check
      layers: Moved swapchain QFI checks into function
      layers: Removed unused macro in swapchain
      layers: Fixed swapchain layer warning messages
      layers: Removed swapchain pNext validation
      layers: Some simple style tweaks for swapchain
      layers: Run swapchain source through clang-format
      tests: Modify swapchain test for PV messages
      layers: LX581, Warn for null-region blits
      tests: Add test for NULL-blit warnings
      Revert "tests: Fixing incorrect change w/GH424Rework"
      layers: Fix new invalid queue index test
      layers: GH822, handle WHOLE_SIZE for mapped memory
      layers: GH819, Fix non-coherent memory shadow copy
      layers: VT59, Change query count errors to warnings
      demos: Clean up vulkaninfo source formatting
      layers: GH820, MapMemory shadow copy alignment
      tests: Add non-coherent MapMemory test cases
      layers: GH763, Add validation for VkBufferImageCopy
      tests: Add BufferImageCopy tests
      layers: Update layer validation details doc
      layers: Add Image Transfer Granularity checking
      tests: Add DS Image Transfer Granularity tests
      layers: Update layer details doc for new tests
      layers: GH877, Clear up descriptor state messages
      layers: GH873, Fix ETC2 RGBA format class size
      loader: Fix build warning on Linux
      layers: Add validation for image samplecounts
      tests: Add image sample count checks
      layers: Update layer details doc
      layers: Update json files for 1.0.24 header
      header: Update vulkan.h to 1.0.24
      header: Update vk_platform.h to 1.0.24
      header: Update vk.xml to 1.0.24
      layers: Modify format queries for enums
      loader: Update SO version for 1.0.24 header
      layers: Add debug report support to unique_objects
      layers: Add unique_objects to default layer config
      layers: Add unique_objects to layer settings file
      layers: Add white-list helper to layer utils
      layers: PR887, Add extension white-list
      layers: Fix Dota2 crash in Windows
      header: Move vulkan.h to version 1.0.25
      header: Remove ValidationFlags changes from vulkan.h
      header: Move vk_platform.h to version 1.0.25
      header: Move vk.xml to version 1.0.25
      header: Remove ValidationFlags changes from vk.xml
      layers: Move linux json files to version 1.0.25
      layers: Move windows json files to version 1.0.25
      loader: Bump SOVERSION to 1.0.25
      layers: Update vulkan.py for new extension APIs
      layers: Update dispatch tables for new 1.0.25 APIs
      loader: Add support for NV instance extension
      loader: Add support for AMD device extension
      loader: Add support for NV device extension
      loader: Fixed some types and comments
      header: Move vulkan.h to version 1.0.26
      header: Move vk.xml to verison 1.0.26
      layers: Move Linux json files to version 1.0.26
      layers: Move Windows json files to version 1.0.26
      loader: Bump SOVERSION to 1.0.26
      tests: Add clang-format config file
      tests: Clang-format test_common.h
      tests: Clang-format loader_validation_tests.cpp
      tests: Clang-format test_environment files
      tests: Clang-format vkrenderframework files
      tests: Clang-format vktestbinding files
      tests: Clang-format vktestframework files
      tests: Clang-format layer_validation_tests.cpp

Mark Mueller (14):
      layers: GH424 add check of skip_call results to CreateDevice
      tests: GH424 Addition of Device Limits Validation tests
      docs: GH424 Update validation test documentation
      tests: Fixing incorrect change w/GH424Rework
      tests: post push resolution of Nvidia GH424Rework issues
      layers: GH428 Adding skip_call to DestroySemaphore
      tests: GH428 Addition of tests for sync validation cases
      tests: GH428 Addition of tests for sync validation cases
      tests: GH428 Addition of tests for sync validation cases
      tests: GH428 Addition of tests for sync validation cases
      tests: GH428 Addition of tests for sync validation cases
      docs: GH428 Update doc for sync validation test cases
      tests: GH428 Cleanup of some tests
      tests: GH428 removal of offending line

Mark Young (31):
      loader: Clarify in docs about WSI and inst ext.
      loader: Clean up some things in the MD file
      docs: Remove extra line in doc headers
      layers : gh682 move gipa dispatch table init
      docs: Clean up LoaderAndLayerInterface markdown
      loader : Fix segfault in vulkaninfo
      layers: Generate full vk_dispatch_table_helper
      spirv-headers : Add file to restrict to commit
      loader: Fix CTS failures in simulate_oom tests.
      glslang: Remove change to revert texel fetch fix.
      glslang/spirv: Update repo revisions
      glslang : Force update in update_external_sources
      Revert "glslang/spirv: Update repo revisions"
      docs: Update README.md for Glslang issue
      loader: Update resource context default version
      build: update spirv and glslang revisions
      doc: Update loaderandlayerinterface
      loader: gh888 Add KHR/EXT extensions in vulkan.h
      loader: Update script names with correct ext name
      loader: gh851 wrap debug report callbacks
      docs: Fix "Cautions" title
      loader: Modify loader_make_version
      loader: Rename DevExt to dev_ext
      loader: Clean up loader_init_generic_list
      loader: gh901 Fix loader w multiple ICDs
      loader: Clean up failure handling in loader
      build: gh850 support msys
      loader: Cleanup 1.0.25 extension work
      loader: Add checks for usage of wsi extensions
      loader: Remove extension enable checks
      loader: Add back func calls

Michael Lentine (1):
      layers: GH722 Add query function calls from secondary buffers.

Mike Stroyan (1):
      demos: Flip cube texture on android

Mun Gwan-gyeong (1):
      demos: GH862 Fix build errors of demos (cube, vulkaninfo) on the wayland 
only window system

Nanley Chery (1):
      layers: Fix spelling error in README

Rene Lindsay (3):
      demos: Remove unused function parameter.
      demos: Flip cube texture and TC's, so image is no longer inverted
      demos : SAM6 Flip projection matrix, instead of vertex-shader

Timo Aaltonen (6):
      Merge tag 'sdk-' into d-u
      Merge branch 'debian-unstable' into d-u
      update changelog
      delete new files in build-android/ and windowsRuntimeInstaller/
      patches: Refreshed.
      upload to sid

Tobin Ehlis (86):
      layers: GH773 Check improper renderpass layout for only first use
      tests: Add positive test ValidRenderPassAttachmentLayoutWithLoadOp
      tests: Update doc for CB_SIMULTANEOUS_USE check
      tests: Remove DRAWSTATE_INVALID_PIPELINE_LAYOUT enum value
      tests: Update doc for DRAWSTATE_INVALID_COMMAND_BUFFER
      layers: Remove DRAWSTATE_INVALID_POOL check
      tests: Update doc for DRAWSTATE_INVALID_DESCRIPTOR_SET
      tests: Update doc for CANT_FREE_FROM_NON_FREE_POOL
      tests: Fix IgnoreUnrelatedDescriptor test
      tests: Updated test doc
      tests: Remove duplicate check column from doc
      layers: Replace INVALID_SEMAPHORE with OBJECT_INUSE check
      layers: Replace INVALID_EVENT check with OBJECT_INUSE
      tests: Update doc for PUSH_CONSTANTS_ERROR
      layers: Kill redundant DRAWSTATE_PUSH_CONSTANTS_ERROR case
      tests: Remove old '_NA' doc check code
      tests: Add test exceptions to doc validator
      layers: Refactor buffer/image validation functions
      layers: Validation buffer descriptor updates for bound memory
      tests: Add DescriptorBufferUpdateNoMemoryBound test
      layers: Check BUFFER_CREATE_SPARSE_BINDING_BIT for buffers
      tests: Fix test framework to correctly set image aspect
      layers: Fix image aspect checks
      tests: Update InvalidBarriers for new aspect bit checks
      tests: Don't need depth_or_stencil helper
      layers: Fix copy-paste "DEPTH" instead of "STENCIL"
      tests: Fix InvalidBarriers layout transitions
      layers: Fix object_tracker build
      layers: Fix bug in cmd buffer framebuffer binding
      tests: Add FramebufferBindingDestroyCommandPool test
      layers: Check vtx buffer binding
      layers: Disable previous fix for DS layout transitions
      layers: Update string concatenation in struct_string_helper_cpp
      layers: Remove duplicate framebuffer incompatible check
      test: Minor clean-up
      tests: Add FramebufferIncompatible test
      layers: Exclude index buffer from CBSTATUS_ALL mask
      tests: Add IndexBufferNotBound test
      tests: Add ColorBlendLogicOpTests
      layers: Remove image member from DEVICE_MEM_INFO
      layers: Rename DEVICE_MEM_INFO struct members
      layers: Rename validateMemRange()
      layers: Fix MapMem image layout validation
      tests: Remove unused var
      layers: Fixes GH846 Use IMAGE_USAGE bits for images
      layers: Refactor function names
      layers: Update bound memory tracking and alias checking
      layers: Refactor InsertMemoryRange
      layers : Update memory valid to be per-range
      layers: Handle memory mapped prior to object binding
      layers: Push some casts into helper functions
      layers: Refactor set/validate memory valid functions
      layers: Naming corrections
      layers: Style fixup, don't use pass-by-reference params
      tests: Disable LongFenceChain test
      layers: GH859 Fix error messages for viewport/scissors state
      layers: Fix spelling dynami->dynamic
      layers: Add descriptor sets to CB_INVALID tracking
      layers: Minor re-naming in core_validation
      layers: Migrate PIPELINE_NODE to core_validation_types.h
      layers: Only bind active sets to cmd buffers
      layers: Add tracking between sampler and cmd buffer
      layers: Refactor functions to bing image/buffer to cmd buffer
      layers: Add cmd buffer binding for descriptor resources
      tests: Fix DescriptorSetNotUpdated test comment
      tests: Add InvalidCmdBufferDescriptorSetBufferDestroyed test
      tests: Add InvalidCmdBufferDescriptorSetImageSamplerDestroyed test
      layers: Update descriptor binding to use an ordered map
      layers: Clarify invalid memory message
      layers: Add MEMTRACK_INVALID_MEM_REGION error
      layers: Add cmd buffer binding for fb images
      layers: Print framebuffer object type
      layers: Rename pCB to cb_node
      tests: Add test for framebuffer image destroyed
      layers: Flag error on destroyed sampler in-use
      layers: Flag error on destroyed pipeline in-use
      layers: Add detection for in-use query pool & clean-up destroys
      layers: Improve map cleanup on object deletion
      tests: Wait idle instead of ignoring errors
      layers: Clarify in-use object error message
      layers: Update bound object increment and decrement functions
      tests: Add in-use query pool destroy test
      tests: Add in-use pipeline test
      tests: Add in-use sampler test
      layers: Move in_use.store(0) to BASE_NODE constructor

Tony Barbour (22):
      Tools: Bump spirv-tools revision to include fix
      demos: Fix cube to handle seperate gfx / present queues
      demos: Use renderpass finalLayout to get to PRESENT_SRC_KHR
      demos: Remove the need for QueueWaitIdle in cube
      tests: GH650, Add no-layout imageObj init
      tests: GH650, Add test for D/S layout issue
      demos: Fix cube to handle >1 event per frame
      demos: Fix ifdefs to allow compilation without XLIB
      tests: Remove refs to device layers in tests + framework
      demos: Fix operator precedence problem with window width
      tests: Add PhysicalDeviceFeatures to VkDeviceObj
      tests: Add VkRenderpassObj to render framework
      tests: Add renderpass tests GH427
      docs: Add renderpass tests from GH427
      tests: Move device creation from Setup to InitState
      tests: Enable passing PhysicalDeviceFeatures to InitState
      tests: Change IndependentBlend test to use new InitState parm
      layers: Leave INDEX_BUFFER_BOUND set in set_cb_pso_status
      demos: Restore Wayland compile behavior in cube
      layers: Allow input attachment usage in CreateImageView
      tests: Check for different invalid usage
      tests: Test to create view with INPUT_ATTACMENT usage

davidhubbard (2):
      loader: gh571 vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties()
      build: pr787 - CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX default

 CMakeLists.txt                                             |   21 
 README.md                                                  |    8 
 build_windows_targets.bat                                  |   12 
 debian/changelog                                           |    7 
 debian/patches/layers-install-to-cmake-install-libdir.diff |    2 
 debian/patches/loader-add-install-rule.diff                |    4 
 debian/patches/trim-build.diff                             |    2 
 debian/patches/use-mxgot-for-mips64.patch                  |    6 
 demos/android/include/lunarg.ppm.h                         | 4776 +--
 demos/cube.c                                               |  372 
 demos/cube.vert                                            |    4 
 demos/lunarg.ppm                                           |  248 
 demos/tri.c                                                |   45 
 demos/vulkaninfo.c                                         |  105 
 generator.py                                               |  146 
 glslang_revert_a5c33d.patch.txt                            |   18 
 glslang_revision                                           |    2 
 include/vulkan/vk_layer.h                                  |   13 
 include/vulkan/vk_platform.h                               |   14 
 include/vulkan/vulkan.h                                    |  169 
 include/vulkan/vulkan.hpp                                  |20419 +++++++++++++
 layers/CMakeLists.txt                                      |   10 
 layers/README.md                                           |    2 
 layers/core_validation.cpp                                 | 2431 +
 layers/core_validation.h                                   |   86 
 layers/core_validation_error_enums.h                       |   14 
 layers/core_validation_types.h                             |  192 
 layers/descriptor_sets.cpp                                 |  195 
 layers/descriptor_sets.h                                   |   14 
 layers/image.cpp                                           |  137 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_core_validation.json                  |    2 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_image.json                            |    2 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_object_tracker.json                   |    2 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_parameter_validation.json             |    2 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_swapchain.json                        |    2 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_threading.json                        |    2 
 layers/linux/VkLayer_unique_objects.json                   |    2 
 layers/object_tracker.cpp                                  | 4050 ++
 layers/object_tracker.h                                    | 1176 
 layers/parameter_name.h                                    |  148 
 layers/parameter_validation.cpp                            | 2342 -
 layers/parameter_validation_utils.h                        |  299 
 layers/swapchain.cpp                                       | 1593 -
 layers/swapchain.h                                         |   60 
 layers/unique_objects.h                                    |  196 
 layers/vk_layer_config.cpp                                 |    4 
 layers/vk_layer_config.h                                   |    2 
 layers/vk_layer_logging.h                                  |    9 
 layers/vk_layer_settings.txt                               |    6 
 layers/vk_layer_table.cpp                                  |    1 
 layers/vk_layer_utils.cpp                                  |  416 
 layers/vk_layer_utils.h                                    |    1 
 layers/vk_validation_layer_details.md                      |   77 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_core_validation.json                |    2 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_image.json                          |    2 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_object_tracker.json                 |    2 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_parameter_validation.json           |    2 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_swapchain.json                      |    2 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_threading.json                      |    2 
 layers/windows/VkLayer_unique_objects.json                 |    2 
 libs/vkjson/CMakeLists.txt                                 |    4 
 libs/vkjson/vkjson_instance.cc                             |    9 
 loader/CMakeLists.txt                                      |    4 
 loader/LoaderAndLayerInterface.md                          |  124 
 loader/debug_report.c                                      |   87 
 loader/dev_ext_trampoline.c                                | 1500 
 loader/extensions.c                                        |  171 
 loader/extensions.h                                        |   38 
 loader/gpa_helper.h                                        |    4 
 loader/loader.c                                            |  496 
 loader/loader.h                                            |   39 
 loader/loader.rc                                           |    4 
 loader/table_ops.h                                         |   28 
 loader/trampoline.c                                        |   29 
 loader/vk_loader_platform.h                                |   61 
 loader/wsi.c                                               |  358 
 spirv-headers_revision                                     |    1 
 spirv-tools_revision                                       |    2 
 tests/.clang-format                                        |    6 
 tests/CMakeLists.txt                                       |    1 
 tests/layer_validation_tests.cpp                           |11043 ++++---
 tests/layers/CMakeLists.txt                                |   13 
 tests/layers/linux/VkLayer_test.json                       |   17 
 tests/layers/test.cpp                                      |  140 
 tests/layers/windows/VkLayer_test.json                     |   17 
 tests/layers/wrap_objects.cpp                              |    6 
 tests/layers/wrap_objects.h                                |   55 
 tests/loader_validation_tests.cpp                          |  653 
 tests/run_extra_loader_tests.sh                            |  106 
 tests/run_loader_tests.sh                                  |   89 
 tests/test_common.h                                        |  162 
 tests/test_environment.cpp                                 |   24 
 tests/vkrenderframework.cpp                                |  663 
 tests/vkrenderframework.h                                  |  161 
 tests/vktestbinding.cpp                                    |  304 
 tests/vktestbinding.h                                      |  394 
 tests/vktestframework.cpp                                  |  316 
 tests/vktestframework.h                                    |   17 
 tests/vktestframeworkandroid.cpp                           |   59 
 tests/vktestframeworkandroid.h                             |   20 
 update_external_sources.bat                                |   15 
 update_external_sources.sh                                 |   16 
 vk-generate.py                                             |  103 
 vk-layer-generate.py                                       |  719 
 vk.xml                                                     |  934 
 vk_helper.py                                               |   10 
 vk_layer_documentation_generate.py                         |   31 
 vulkan.py                                                  |  198 
 108 files changed, 43225 insertions(+), 15908 deletions(-)

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