Package: xinit
Version: 1.3.4-3+b1
Severity: normal


*startx* script ignores many signals, SIGTERM in particular; it causes
problems with process supervision.

Please consider applying following patch, which fulfil intended purpose
of ``trap`` statement, keeping process resposible to signals. 

PS. Just curious, under what circumstances would a /bin/sh receive a SIGILL?

diff -rU7 xinit-1.3.4:original/startx.cpp xinit-1.3.4/startx.cpp
--- xinit-1.3.4:original/startx.cpp     2017-10-02 01:33:07.556320513 +0300
+++ xinit-1.3.4/startx.cpp      2017-10-02 01:33:35.828321881 +0300
@@ -266,15 +266,15 @@
         echo "Couldn't create cookie"
         exit 1

     XCOMM create a file with auth information for the server. ':0' is a dummy.
-    trap "rm -f '$xserverauthfile'" HUP INT QUIT ILL TRAP KILL BUS TERM
+    trap "rm -f '$xserverauthfile'" EXIT
     xauth -q -f "$xserverauthfile" << EOF
 add :$dummy . $mcookie
 #if defined(__APPLE__) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
     xserverauthfilequoted=$(echo ${xserverauthfile} | sed "s/'/'\\\\''/g")
     serverargs=${serverargs}" -auth '"${xserverauthfilequoted}"'"

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