Thanks for having a look.

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 09:59:02AM +0100, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> See the attached work-in-progress patch for how far I got at this point.
> Before I continue, here are two questions:
> AFAICT, the control package doesn’t allow me to do case-insensitive
> lookups. Should we extend it to do that, or do we really want to insist on
> users capitalizing the directives correctly?

Policy says:

| Field names are not case-sensitive, but it is usual to capitalize the
| field names using mixed case as shown below. Field values are case-
| sensitive unless the description of the field says otherwise.

so we should capitalize them. We can likely do with a single control
file entry like:

X-Vcs-Upstream-Git: <url> -b <branch>

which would match the existing Vcs-* syntax.

> Also, I’m wondering whether we should set up a branch automatically (e.g.
> “upstream” tracking “upstream/master”), not at all, or behind another
> option. This ties into our branch naming and import workflow discussion.
> Thoughts?

I would start out with naming the remote 'upstream'. I'm not sure
whether we need tracking branches. When I track remote git I usually
don't track upstream but rather only fetch from the remote. Different
people might have different expectations here so we likely need to come
up with an option to configure this.

 -- Guido

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