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1e8ea3fe by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:40:48Z
GL: Don't generate g_glapi_mapi_gl_tmp.h

Don't generate g_glapi_mapi_gl_tmp.h in the libGL makefile. That's not 
anymore, because all of the GLDispatch stuff is built separately under

Likewise, remove the STATIC_DISPATCH_ONLY define from the compiler flags.

- - - - -
1578be92 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:40:50Z
generate: Remove glapi_gen_libopengl_exports.

Generating a symbol list for the entrypoint libraries used to be necessary when
we generated the same set of dispatch stubs in each library.

Since then, we only generate the stubs that each library is going to export, so
we don't need a separate export list anymore.

- - - - -
342cb23f by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:40:52Z
Move the glapi_gen_mapi function into the vnd-glapi makefile.

$(glapi_gen_mapi) is only used in the vnd-glapi makefile, so define it there.

- - - - -
f2b886dd by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:40:55Z
vnd-glapi: Change glapi_gen_mapi to a makefile variable.

Change glapi_gen_mapi to be a makefile variable instead of a function, so that
it still works when not using GNU make.

- - - - -
adf997fe by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:40:57Z
Move the glapi_gen_libglglxstubs function into the GL makefile.

Remove the now-empty file glvnd_gen.mk.

- - - - -
f47132e6 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:40:59Z
GL: Expand glapi_gen_libglglxstubs in the makefile.

glapi_gen_libglglxstubs is only used once, so just expand it out instead of
using a function.

- - - - -
0177ade4 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:41:01Z
configure: Check if linking against libdl is necessary.

Add an AC_CHECK_FUNC call to check whether dlopen is available without any
additional libraries. Some systems provide dlopen as part of libc, in which
case we can't (and don't need to) link against libdl.so.

- - - - -
c413eae4 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:41:03Z
configure: Recognize both "x86_64" and "amd64" for host_cpu.

On FreeBSD, $host_cpu is set to "amd64" instead of 
"x86_64", so update the
configure script to recognize either string.

- - - - -
82413e05 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:41:05Z
Use sh instead of bash for the test scripts.

Not all systems have bash available, and in those that do, we can't assume 
it's located at /bin/bash.

- - - - -
dfaf0fd2 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-26T20:41:07Z
Add a (void*) cast for the last parameter when calling mincore.

The third parameter to mincore(2) can be a pointer to char or unsigned char,
depending on what system it's building on. To build in either case, just 
that argument to a (void *).

- - - - -
5baa1e5c by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-03-27T19:20:46Z
Merge branch 'freebsd-fixes'

Various fixes so that libglvnd can build and run on FreeBSD.

The only change to C code is to deal with a difference in the parameters for

Most of the rest is to to remove the dependency on GNU make and bash.

- - - - -
4914b61f by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-04-11T21:14:10Z
GLdispatch: Use --version-script instead -export-symbols.

The -export-symbols option in libtool creates a version script on Linux, but
on FreeBSD it instead uses the -retain-symbols-file option, which doesn't do
anything with the dynamic symbol table.

Instead, manually pass the --version-script option to the linker.

- - - - -
652909fb by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-04-13T22:15:37Z
Some fixes for "make dist"

Don't point nonst_HEADERS or EXTRA_DIST at entire directories. That causes
"make dist" to include files that it shouldn't, such as 
configured makefiles
and .pyc files.

Also added a few generated header files to noinst_HEADERS.

- - - - -
8709003f by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-05-24T14:42:52Z
GLdispatch: Add a version script for the TSD build.

Add a separate version script export_list_tsd.ver for the TSD build of
libGLdispatch, since the two builds don't have the same set of symbols.

- - - - -
638ef33f by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-06-06T14:42:41Z
EGL: Remove a few unused functions in egldispatchstubs.c.

Remove FindProcIndex, __eglSetDispatchIndex, and
__eglDispatchFindDispatchFunction from egldispatchstubs.c.

The dispatch indices are allocated and assigned during initialization, so none
of those functions are ever called.

- - - - -
9d909106 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-06-20T21:57:00Z
Update the OpenGL XML and header files.

Update the gl.xml, GL/glext.h, and the GLES headers to commit
42f61786696df5102625d9b046976ee857645704 from the Khronos registry.

- - - - -
59dbb141 by Kyle Brenneman at 2018-07-24T17:35:26Z
Bump the version number to 1.1.0.

- - - - -

17 changed files:

- configure.ac
- include/GL/glext.h
- include/GLES/egl.h
- include/GLES/gl.h
- include/GLES/glext.h
- include/GLES/glplatform.h
- include/Makefile.am
- src/EGL/Makefile.am
- src/EGL/egldispatchstubs.c
- src/EGL/egldispatchstubs.h
- src/EGL/libegl.c
- src/GL/Makefile.am
- src/GLESv1/Makefile.am
- src/GLESv2/Makefile.am
- src/GLX/Makefile.am
- − src/GLX/TODO
- src/GLdispatch/Makefile.am

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