While I guess there are not many people subscribed to the list yet
I'll try to give shot and launch some ideas to discuss.
Your comments are welcome !

Once we figure out how to change the web site, we'll even write these
things there :-)

- How can I learn to use the debugger ?
- How to setup the debugger (-d, ptkdb, emacs, vi, ddd, etc...) ?
- How to do X in debugger Z ?
- How to debug certain type of script or application ?
- What is missing from the built-in debugger or from any of
  the other debuggers ?
- What is missing from the documentation ?
- I have just inherited a project.
  How can I find out what and how does it do ?

In private mail Peter Scott also suggested to talk about
- Debating the design of a Perl 6 debugger seems worthwhile.
- Even just designing a new UI for the functionality we've got would
  be a major step :-)


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