It looks like the Milter module was relocated from another Perl installation, 
hence the message.  Possibly the SuSe installation or the Sendmail 
installation, or you, are using differing Perl versions?

Richard Foley
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From: Dirk Tamme 
Subject: debug a script for Sendmail::Milter 
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 00:06:03 -0700 
I have a problem with the Perl-Modul Sendmail::Milter. I have ( using SuSE 
Linux 8.1 )
sendmail 8.12.11, which includes the Milter interface.
What I have done to install Sendmail::Milter is

cd /usr/local/src/Sendmail-Milter-0.18
perl Makefile.PL /usr/local/src/sendmail-8.12.11/obj.Linux.2.4.19-4GB.i686/
make install

Now I tested a script given in
www.tpj.com/documents/s=7178/sam0206l/ <http://www.tpj.com/documents/s=7178/

Because there occurs an error, I used the debug option

#! /usr/bin/perl -d

What I found out is that the line

if (not Sendmail::Milter::auto_setconn($ARGV[0], $ARGV[1]))

gives me the error mesage

/usr/bin/perl: relocation error: /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/
i586-linux-thread-multi/auto/Sendmail/Milter/Milter.so: undefined symbol: 

The Perl-script starts with
use Sendmail::Milter;
so the Package should be included. If anybody has an idea, please help.
             Dirk Tamme
debug a script for Sendmail::Milter, Dirk Tamme

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