I read Gabor's post about break-on-watch ( http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00020.html ).
There are 2 issues that I wish to solve:
I didn't see an answer if it's even possible to break on a watch (Gabor, did you manage to do it?).
I am unable to "watch" arrays, hashes, and anonymous references (e.g: $a = \5;).
In other words, I am only able to watch normal scalars.

I am trying to build a -d: debugger that would tell me when variables in a specific name space (or all namespaces) are defined/changed, and to what value.
In the case of references, I will display a Data::Dumper output.
I know how to watch a specific variable, but how can I watch all of them?
And more importantly, how can I watch array changes, hash changes, etc?



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