I just recently transferred companies, and some things
that *used* to work for me in the debugger no longer
do.  I am now using 5.8.0.

1) my readline key support in the debugger seems to be
gone.  ie: i can't use up/down arrows to go through
command history.  i can't make edits on the debugger
line with any keys other then backspace.  My first
guess is this is an environment issue, 'cept it all
works fine at the unix CLI, or with less, or anything
like that.  only in perl do my escape keys not seem to
get recognized.  ReadLine is there.  I'm unsure where
else to look...

2) I like 'dumpvar.pl' and 'dumpValue'.  so, i set up
an alias as such:

$DB::alias('list'} = 's/^list

but, then when i do a "list %foo" it gives me an error
that list is not recognized.  it should convert that
to &::debugValue (\%foo).  yes, i 'require dumpvar.pl'
as well.

These two things are driving me batty.  I have no idea
what I had done so many years back to get these to do
what I want them to do at my old work... 


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