Irssi is an IRC client using Perl for scripting. I'm trying to attach a 
debugger to its embedded Perl.

I'm using PERLDB_OPTS="RemotePort=" to let it connect to a 
socket. Running and debugging a perl script started in the "normal" way works 
fine: "perl -d -e 0" connects to the socket and I can control the debugger from 

Now I changed irssi so that the arguments it passes to perl_parse and 
PERL_SYS_INIT3 include "-d". Then when starting irssi, it connects to the 
socket, and prints its usual "Loading DB routines"... "Enter h"... But when I 
give any command (including "h") it doesn't respond. The irssi (and its Perl 
scripts) continue to run fine.

Someone an idea of what could be going wrong?



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