I hope you will not be angre If I send links:

on the line 67 I expect:
FROM: main - ./t3.pl - 11

This example shows that the client code get info about DB package, but it 
should not
You can see that when program is just run the result is:
main ./t3.pl 13
main ./t3.pl 14

but with -d flag:
DB /home/kes/work/projects/perl_libs/Devel/KP.pm 41
main ./t3.pl 14  

I think this info is relative to described above:
I can not define in debugger module 'lsub' subroutine alone. It is not called 
at all (like that sub is not defined in DB package)
but if I add definition of &DB::sub the 'lsub' starts to work.

It seems perl internally do not apply all magic to '&DB::lsub' as it do for 

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