I just sent the two files out to the address you provided.
Let me know if you have any suggestion.
Julio Ochoa
Webjogger Internet Services
845-757-4000 ext.124
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Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 9:47 AM
Subject: Re: [Declude.Virus] Unusual Entry in Declude Log

>I'm new to this list and to the Declude system.
>Yesterday I found an unusual entry in the Declude log and was wondering if
>someone could help me out deciphering what it is.
>Below is an excerpt from the log
>05/06/2004 03:23:17 Qe7b006a701001294 (Error 5 at 40ee76 v1.79)
>05/06/2004 03:23:17 Qe7b006a701001294 (log part 2 saved as C:\declude.gp2)
>05/06/2004 03:23:17 Qe7b006a701001294 (log part 1 saved as C:\declude.gp1)
>05/06/2004 03:23:17.697 Qe7b006a701001294 Unlocked
>I'm concerned about the entries where it says that the program saved two
>files, declude.gp1 and declude.gp2. The program did indeed create both
>files in the C:\ drive. Does anyone know what this is about or where I can
>find information that will help me understand why these entries were
>posted in the log?

If you send those two files to [EMAIL PROTECTED], we can take a look at
them to see what may have happened.

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