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Never mind, the headers did not change with that last attempt.

I'd  noted  that  The  Bat!  was  leaving  out  the  space between the
Organization:  header  and  my company name, so I prepended a space to
the  setting  within  the GUI to try to get around this. The source of
the  outgoing  message remained the same, though. Seems 'Bat is intent
on  mucking  up that header, even stripping off leading spaces to make
that  happen!  This  is  def'ly  a  bug in 'Bat, but I think Declude's
reaction  --  if it's indeed reacting to this bug -- is extreme. Gotta
degrade a little more gracefully, I think.

My  v3.65.03  is the latest 'Bat, so RITLabs has gotta get on the ball
with this one, too.


P.S. This time, I clipped out the Org setting completely.

Sanford Whiteman, Chief Technologist
Broadleaf Systems, a division of
Cypress Integrated Systems, Inc.

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