DLAnalyzer 5.0 has been released. DLAnalyzer is a comprehensive reporting tool that integrates both Junkmail and Virus statistics into one report. Some of the features require the Enterprise or Standard version, but we also have a FREE LITE version available.

With version 5.0 we have added many new features including new reports like: Recipient Based Spam Reports, Test Quality Report that evaluates how effective the configured tests are on your system, Domain Executive Reports, and Domain Recipient Reports. In addition we have also added a new level of customization of the reports allowing you to change the look and feel of the report through the use of cascading style sheets.

Report Samples: http://www.invariantsystems.com/dlanalyzer/reportsamples.htm

Release Notes: http://www.invariantsystems.com/download/current/readme.txt

Download: http://www.invariantsystems.com/dlanalyzer/download.asp

Any questions let me know,
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