Are you only using Declude Virus?  If not are there other Declude headers in the message?
In the Virus logs does this message exist?  Is there virus logs (virMMdd.log).
Did you uninstall Declude because of this issue or is this a new server?  If this is a new server did you double click on the declude.exe first?
In the Imail SMTP tab for the delivery application does it specific declude.exe?  If yes, is the path correct?
2 things to note - [1] there have been reports of folks having to click the declude.exe multiple times for it to reinstall for some reason and [2] there are some issues with the old declude architecture under imail 8.2x the new version 3.x / 4.x fixes those issues.  The issue is related to imail's multithreaded smtp engine.  I never had the issue, but a lot of folks did. 
Check out for utilities for Declude And Imail.  IMail/Declude Overflow Queue Monitoring, SURBL/URI integration, MRTG Integration, and Log Parsers.
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From: Eric Mamet
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 8:16 AM
Subject: [Declude.Virus] (re)Installing Declude v1.65 on Imail 8.22?

I am trying to re-install Declude v1.65 onto Imail 8.22.


I tried to send an eicarplain pseudo virus ( and it went right through to my inbox!

It look s like Declude is not involved at allÂ…


Has anybody tried that?




PS: I am using F-Prot anti-virus

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