Back on May 9 my server was hit by the Feebs virus.  I am using F-Prot, which 
did not detect it.  But I am using "BANEXT hta" which caught it.

Two days ago I upgraded to SmarterMail 3.1 and Declude 4.2.3.  Among other 
things, I've been looking at the addition of AVG to Declude.  I noticed that 
F-Prot still doesn't detect that version of the Feebs virus, but AVG does.  So 
I thought I would test it.  I still have a copy of the virus I received on May 
9, so I requed it unchanged and unrenamed to let it got through the new Declude 
to see what would happen.  To my surprise it was delivered!  No new Declude 
headers were added to the message.  Though SmarterMail did modify it because it 
detected it as spam.  I checked the virus logs (LOGLEVEL set to HIGH) and there 
was no listing at all for this message.

Naturally I am now quite nervous.  Why did this happen?  Have any other Feebs 
viruses slipped through?  Unfortunately the eicar tests don't have an hta to 
use, so the only way I have to test this is with a live virus.  The Feebs virus 
isn't one of the more common ones, but all it takes is one to get through to 
spoil the day of one of my customers.

Gary Steiner

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