Thank you for the communication.  Yes many of us have come to expect a lot
but I also think many of us have been around long enough to know that things
happen.  I have not appreciated some of the negativity on the list in the
last while.  I prefer it to be more constructive.  To that end there are
many understanding users who contribute a lot to this list and I appreciate
them also.  Rather than engage the fire and brimstone I see at time I bite
my tongue and just let it go.  Yelling and screaming just does not produce
sweet results.

Overall I am happy with the product and has worked very well for me.  Yes
the current bug is letting some more spam through.  I am sure that Declude
hates that more than me and is doing everything they can.  Wouldn't any of
the users do that if they were in the same situation with their clients?
And you can bet we all get there from time to time.  It's how we deal with
it that counts. 

Looking forward to the next patch and the further development of the

I like the whole gui method of handling things.  Unfortunately I cannot use
it yet because I just do not have the time to make the switch.  I wish for a
conversion routine that would convert all me files to be compatible with the
gui.  That would go a long way to improving my life.  Besides being a good
product at capturing spam it is also important that the amount of time we
spend managing it be minimized

There's my two cents worth 

Harry Vanderzand 
inTown Internet & Computer Services 


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> Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 6:59 PM
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> Subject: [Declude.Virus] Growing Pains
> To all Declude users:
> I wanted to send out a message to address some of the 
> concerns being raised by our user base. Before I get down to 
> specifics, let me give you some information about the general 
> direction of the company.  
> Declude is still a small company. Like any business, we want 
> to grow, create better products, keep you our customers happy 
> and enjoy what we do. Growth requires a certain amount of 
> change. In our case that means hiring a number of new people 
> to expand our customer support group and provide better 
> service. It means looking for new partners such as AVG and 
> CommTouch to make our software work even harder as security 
> threats become faster and more sophisticated. It means 
> finding a bigger, more productive space to work in.
> And it means that we need to explore opportunities to make 
> our products available to more people.
> Trying to accomplish many of those things inevitably leads to 
> making a few mistakes. Frankly, we made some seriously dumb 
> ones over the last few weeks and we apologize for any 
> problems we may have caused. Despite some of these 
> unintentional screw ups, we still know who we are. Scott 
> Perry established Declude as small company that really 
> listened to its users and created flexible, powerful 
> solutions that allowed them to customize Declude for their 
> individual needs. It was also a company that was responsive 
> to its users. Despite a momentary hiatus, that is the Declude 
> that you will see again, and very soon.
> Now, on to specifics:
> Q - Why have we been so slow to respond to tech requests?
> A:  Ironically, in an effort to expand both tech support and 
> engineering to deliver faster response and better solutions 
> we have expanded staffing in both areas significantly. We all 
> know that that our software is powerful, but it's also 
> complex and takes time to truly master its nuances.  We 
> underestimated the time it would take and the resources 
> required to get our
> people in both areas up to speed.   Our mistake.  We are now 
> past that area
> of concern and ready to be responsive to your needs.
> Q. - Are there issues or problems with the product?  
> A. -  No, just the opposite.  The fact of the matter is we 
> are working aggressively to offer an industry leading, fully 
> integrated solution that is both powerful and affordable.  
> The AVG announcement is one example as is our upcoming 
> addition of Commtouch to that suite is another. Integrating 
> those solutions, while expanding staffing, moving and 
> training was a result of biting off a bit more than we could 
> chew at once. Timing was hardly perfect, but we have 
> finalized the CommTouch integration and learned some hard 
> lessons in the process.
> Like it or not, when small companies make mistakes, they 
> really stand out.
> I guess for a few weeks we forgot that we are a small company 
> and that we, like many of you, have limitations. You have our 
> word that we will go above and beyond to make Declude a 
> company you can depend on. Thanks for your patience.
> Q - It seems some people have left the company that we were 
> used to communicating with.  Why has Declude been silent on 
> those departures. 
> A - The short answer is that we are bound to respect the 
> privacy of all our employees.  It is up to them to provide 
> that information. Our job, like yours, is to protect and 
> secure the privacy of individuals and the enterprise, we 
> won't make an exception in this case.  
> David Barker
> Product Manager
> Declude is Cybercom Security  - Email. Voice. Messaging.
> 978.499.2933 office
> 978.988.1311 fax
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