Hey all,

I  know  we  all do lots of strange things outside of messaging, we're
(at  least  partially) Windows guys, and the gurus here are as real as
they  come  on  any  app or OS. So I wondered if anyone is -- or knows
someone who might be -- interested in a full-time position as a senior
PowerBuilder developer.

The position is with one of our clients, a midtown NYC financial firm;
SQL  knowledge  is  also  a  prerequisite, but IME most PB people know
Sybase,  so  I  would  expect that to not be a hiccup. Me, I happen to
respect PB a ton based on what this client has been able to do with it
over  the years, but I don't use it.

Interviews  would  be  straight  with  the  employer,  naturally. Some
relocation costs might be covered, not sure.

Write back to me directly if you have anything to share!



Sanford Whiteman, Chief Technologist
Broadleaf Systems, a division of
Cypress Integrated Systems, Inc.

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