Hi list, we are a small provider doing some shop-hosting services.
As a side-service we are running one eMail-server for 65 domains and 
approximately 270 user.
We tried Alligate (trial) as a gateway server to minimize the load on this 
But my administrator said, that POP3 eMail never goes through to our 
Our request is, that the gateway is doing second level SMTP-Outbund
filtering/checks and POP3 first level inbound filtering/checks.
The eMail-server-SW is: SmarterMail 4.x on Windows2003 and SPAM/Virus-Filtering 
is done by Declude EVA.
And the customers should be able to receive their eMails via
SmarterMail directly (bypass Alligate).
Any chance on doing this with Alligate ?

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