With the ability of ClamD to run at lightning speed as a native Windows
service (e.g., http://oss.netfarm.it/clamav, without CygWin), offering
frequent updates during the day (quite contrary to the internal scanner that
often lags days behind) and has acceptable licensing terms - it certainly is
a highly attractive external scanner that should be fully supported by
Declude after ClamAV has been around for all these years.


Sadly, since Declude hasn't seen any feature updates in ages, the virus.cfg
parameter "REPORT" still can't parse the virus reports generated by
ClamDScan. Consequently, the Declude virus log files and virus notification
emails are missing file and virus name info.


I took 2 minutes and created a small .JS script that parses the ClamDScan
report file and then outputs a "McAfee" lookalike just to make Declude
happy. But that means that yet another batch process is now chewing up
Windows' limited resources.


To justify THIS year's maintenance renewal money, can PLEASE have someone
spend the same 2 minutes in the Declude source code to correctly parse the
ClamDScan output:



c:\maintenance\eicar.com: Eicar-Test-Signature FOUND


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Andy Schmidt




// RunClam.js

// Launches ClamD and reformats output to compensate

// for Decludes inability to correctly parse the report

// (Declude is no longer actively maintained.)


// Application Constants

var strClamAV = "C:\\Program Files\\ClamAV\\ClamDScan.exe";


// Get Command Line Parameter

if ( WScript.Arguments.Count() == 0 )

          // nothing to scan

          WScript.Quit( 2 );

var strPath = WScript.Arguments(0);


// Run ClamAV

var objShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");

var objExec = objShell.Exec( strClamAV + " " + strPath );


var strLine;

var nSeperator, nFound;

var bHaveFound = false;

while ( !objExec.StdOut.AtEndOfStream )


          // Process ClamAV Output

          strLine = objExec.StdOut.ReadLine();

          if ( bHaveFound )


          nFound = strLine.indexOf( " FOUND" );

          if ( nFound > 0 )


                   nSeperator = strLine.indexOf( ": " );

                   if ( nSeperator < 1 )


                   // Appears to be a possible virus report

                   bHaveFound = true;


                   var objFS = new

                   objTS = objFS.CreateTextFile( "Report.txt" );
// Create Declude Report File

                   objTS.WriteLine( strLine.substring( 0, nSeperator ) + "
FOUND " + strLine.substring( nSeperator + 2, nFound ) );





// Wait for completion to be able to obtain exit code

while ( objExec.Status != 1 )



WScript.Quit( objExec.ExitCode );


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