Dave - so now that we have a working Declude Virus again, what can be done
to prevent this from recurring.


a)       Apparently Declude Virus has no error tracking in place at all -
otherwise it would have REPORTED to us (or your own Declude to your own mail
server) that the AVG API was no longer performing scans?


b)       Do the customers need to set a follow-up reminder for December
2010, which is when your new renewed AVG license will expire?


The old DecludeProc had THIS AVG License String:


LicBeg, Ver=1.0, Name="Declude", Exp=2009-04-10


So this implies, that the product was inoperable since April 10th for every
customer because Declude didn't obtain a new annual AVG license and had to
wait a few days for this "transaction" to complete? That means the product
was unusable for 13% of the year?


This can't just be brushed aside quietly. 


Best Regards,


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