A reminder that we request all Declude installations to be upgraded to
Declude 4.6.35. Changes to the AVG license key on installations prior to
Declude 4.6.35 means that earlier versions of Declude will no longer be
receiving AVG updates. 


To find the current version of your Declude, open the diags.txt file found
in your \Declude directory. If the version is prior to 4.6.35 follow these


1.       Logon to Declude http://www.declude.com/myaccount.asp

2.       View your HOST record and download the upgrade


The release notes for 4.6.35 can be found here.




If you have any questions or concerns please email supp...@declude.com


David Barker
VP Operations Declude
Your Email security is our business
978.499.2933 office
978.988.1311 fax
 <mailto:dbar...@declude.com> dbar...@declude.com


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