Let me add myself to the wishlist requesters.
As postmaster/helpdesk I sometimes want to send out mail to Declude about a 
virus detection, or I want to send an exe file to someone, or ....
Currently I get bitten by my own mailserver refusing to send it because of my 
antivirus rules. :-(

The only option I have is to mangle the attachment name in such a way Declude 
wil leave it alone, hoping the receiver is smart enough to do what I want them 
to do but never to do it when somone else asks them to do something like that. 

Met vriendelijke groet,
Bonno Bloksma
senior systeembeheerder


hogeschool hospitality en toerisme 
begijnenhof 8-12 / 5611 el eindhoven
t 040 296 28 28 / f 040 237 35 20

b.blok...@tio.nl  / www.tio.nl 

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  Hi John,


  There is no per user settings for virus other than on or off or allow 
vulnerabilities. We can look at adding the new functionality to our development 
wish list.


  David Barker
  VP Operations Declude
  Your Email security is our business
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  Any ideas?

  John T
  eServices For You

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  Subject: [Declude.Virus] Per user setting

  Is there a way possible to allow on a per user basis outgoing banned 
extensions WITHOUT disabling outgoing virus scanning?

  If not, could this be something that could be added?

  John T
  eServices For You

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