For all customers that are running Smartermail I just wanted to remind you
that if your Upgrade Protection (Ability to upgrade to the latest version of
Smartermail) has NOT expired the renewal rate is at a highly discounted
price. This is not well known information or published information! if you
want to renew  your Smartermail Upgrade protection the prices are not listed
on the website and you will need to email or call us


The reason I am posting this is I have noticed a lot of the SmarterMail
licenses of Declude customers expire in Aug and Sep. 


To check your expiration date of Smartermail - log into your Declude account and look on your host record you should see the
expiration date of your Smartermail Upgrade Protection. If not please email or call us 1.866.332.5833 and we can get it for you.  


David Barker
VP Operations Declude
Your Email security is our business
978.499.2933 office
978.988.1311 fax


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