I had an issue overnight that caused many hundreds of messages to be moved
to the /Spool/Virus folder (Q* and D* pairs) and to the /Spool/Proc/Review
folder (Q* files only).


Question - how to I cause these files to be rescanned (as some may be REAL


Where do I move Q/D pairs from the /Spool/Virus folder? Do I move the "D"
file to the /Spool folder and the "Q" file to the /Spool/Proc folder? Or do
I move BOTH the Q & D file to the /Spool/Proc folder?


What about the Q files in the /Spool/Proc/Review folder - do I just move
them to /Spool/Proc, or to /Spool/Proc/Work?

I checked one file and it seems the matching D file was in the
/Spool/Proc/Work folder!


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