Maybe you have Tony.  What happens in the following cases :-

1.  You have opened a menu item and scan the barcode in.

2.  You are in your wordprocessor, when some one fiddles with the 

Yes, I know that there are large commercial apps out there that do 
what you say.  However, our 10y old dos app does much better than 
that.  :-)

On 18 Mar 99 at 16:58, Tony Blomfield wrote:

>         Is there a system API to trap all keystrokes systemwide
> so that I can 
>         implement a kbd connected bar-code-scanner driver ?
>         Rohit, excuse me if I have misunderstood your question
> and am telling you something you already know, but I wonder why you need
> this key trap??? With a keyboard wedge scanner, all the work is done for
> you. It decodes the barcode, and fires in a stream of chars as if they
> had come from the keyboard. So in your app, if the Screen.cursor is in
> say a Tedit, and the scanner is used, the Tedit is populated.  It's as
> simple as that. Note that you can program the scanner with prefix and
> postfix chars as well, and this is often usefull to tab out of the
> Current Control.
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