Anyone had this problem (and a fix :) ):

MS Access database, via the BDE (5.01). Invoice item table,
has a currency field for the amount. Amounts range from a few dollars 
(and cents) to a few thousand. I need to sum them up. This works:

select sum(amount) as total from invoiceLine

calc's it just fine.

BUT, I need to add lines, which are uncommitted, and provide a sum of
also. This DOES NOT work:

total := 0;
while not tblInvoice.eof do begin
  total := total + tblInvoice.FieldByName("amount").AsCurrency;

It has a habit of screwing with the post-decimal value, ie:

75.6100 becomes 75.6099

accumulate that over a few hundred or thousand records and, well, its a
BIG problem, especially in a financial-type app!!!

Anyone know of a way to get accurate values out of the BDE?? I've had to
create a temp table and doa cross-table sum, but I'd much rather do this
in code.....

HELP! :)

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