Thanks Rohit,

Currently I'm only using it with DBEdits (read only) and a single
DBCheckBox, this gives me the ability to have a checkbox on each line
without going through the programming needed to place a checkbox in a grid
where it doesn't work well anyway (always seems to need a couple of extra
key strokes for the user anyway).

I'll take that comment on board and maybe look at something else.


At 03:09 pm 23/3/1999, Rohit Gupta said:
>Hmm... I have to try and jog my memory.  Most importantly, more than
>one component does not work on it like you would expect, in
>particular, complex components such as the combobox type components.
>It was a real pain - after spending weeks coding for it, the app
>goes to the test dept and its full of holes - holes that just could
>not be fixed, they are buried deep in either Windows or VCL.  Yet
>the same components work fine on a panel.
>So I had to flag that approach and use a notebook instead.  If I 
>think of anything specific, I will let you know.
>If you are going to use just simple primary componets such as labels 
>and tedits, it will probably work fine for you.

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