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Subject: Delphi 5 Site Launched
Date: 27 Mar 1999 18:55:23 -0000
From: Delphi 4 Site Update <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: List Member <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Delphi 4 Site Update - http://www.monisys.ca/~bclarke/d4.html

Announcement: Delphi 5 Site Launched

The Delphi 5 Information Page is now open at

Obviously there isn't much information there right now, but everything
in place to allow easier updating of the site this time around.

Due to limitations with the ListBot mailing list, current members of the
Delphi 4 mailing list will have to manually subscribe to the Delphi 5

I know in the past I had stated that I would not do another site such as
this, but a lot has happened in the past year.  There is more
on the site explains the details.


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