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>We are having some difficulty with a BDE error message. We are running two
BDE apps on an NT4 WS machine. When you run App1, then App2, all is fine.
However, if you run App2 and then App1, we get the following message:
>"An error occurred while attempting to intialise the borland database engine

OK, this is easy - it had me "foxed" for some time, I had to "wade" "myles"
through the BDE help, and stressed out to the "max".  My customers were after
my "hyde", and I really felt "black and  "dunfor'", but I was saved from having to
eat "crowe", and my mind put at 'ease", when during a walk in the "garden" I
thought by "george", I know the answer! "Mark" my words I was "wright", and in
the "nic" of time, I had made the configuration change, and knew I had made a
"wise" decision. Oh dear, too many late nights on the keyboard!

The fix is to change the setting for SHAREDMEMLOCATION in the BDE setup -
Configuration | System | Init.

I use a value of "1000" ( less quotes ), but you may have to experiment to find a
suitable value. Range values are given in the BDE help. I have only seen it happen
in the NT machines. Since making the change I've not had any problems at all.

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