Sorry - wasn't specific enough.

I have a ComboBox some EditBoxes and a Save Button.
I want to be able to Select an item from the ComboBox list; press Tab to move to
an EditBox determined by code (not necessarily the next on) BUT if I click on
the Save button instead of pressing Tab I want it to execute the Save code.

My problem is that the code determining the next EditBox is in the ONExit event
and so also captures the Save button click.
I have tried putting the code to detect the Tab into the OnKeyPress event but
that seems to already have been fired by the selection of the list item.

Any other suggestions would be gratefully received

Greg Nixon wrote:

> One way would be to set the tag property on each control in the normal entry
> order then use and on exit like:
>    if TEdit(Sender).Tag < ActiveControl.Tag then
>       Label1.Caption := 'Forward'
>    else
>        Label1.Caption := 'Back';
> To know where to process the validation code or not.
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> Date: Monday, 15 February 1999 09:16
> Subject: [DUG]: Control of Focus
> Hi
> Newbie question.
> I have a form with several edit boxes.
> In order to make it efficient for data entry I have some code attached
> to the OnExit event of some of the boxes which decides which is the next
> box that should receive focus, when Tab is pressed.
> This works fine for a normal entry sequence, but if something goes wrong
> and the user needs to use the mouse to reselect an earlier box, or
> wishes to click Save before cycling through the rest of the fields then
> the OnExit event will override the mouse click, and merely set focus to
> the edit box specified in the code.
> How can I achieve this automatic moving to a specific box on pressing
> Tab but allow a mouse click on a different control to have precedence?
> Thanks
> Mark
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