Folks after the following code uses the handle of Panel1, I cant get the panel back to a useable state - that it was initialised in:
  hWndC := capCreateCaptureWindowA('My Own Capture Window',
    WS_CHILD or
    0, 0,
    panel1.Width, panel1.Height,
    panel1.Handle, 0);
{now I null hWndC, but I would also like to re-instate the Panel as it was intialized}
  if hWndC <> 0 then begin
    SendMessage(hWndC, WM_CAP_DRIVER_DISCONNECT, 0, 0);
    hWndC := 0;
{changing properties of panel1.bringtofront/visible/enabled dont effect. Nulling hWndC does not destroy the panel}
Last question: if I create a bitmap in a subroutine the bitmap is cleared on exiting the routine right?? I dont have to before exiting?? (why I ask is that I see some code written using subproceedures and the bitmap is freed prior to exiting.)

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