How do I merge a help file into delphi help under either delphi 3 and 4?
I've tried following the instructions and it doesn't work. My topics just
don't show up in either the contents or the index.

I've created the help file and .cnt file using robohelp and they work fine
viewing them with winhelp but the won't play ball with delphi.

Anyone managed to do this? any suggestions?


int main(int _,int __){int i[3]={0xFE101010,0xFE1010FE,0xFE929282};if(_
main(_+2,__)?(main(_+2,__+1)?' ':'_'):' ');main(_+2,__)&&!main(_+3,__)?
putchar('/')+0x0*_++:0;}else return((_>=26)||(__>=4))?0:i[(_-2)/8]>>(3-

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