I haven't had any problem with either Wins or LMHosts (LM = LanManager =
Windows?) with the following (as in the LMHosts.sam file)

 IPAddress    MachineName           #PRE

#PRE pre-loads to save parsing time on (the first?) call.

I havn't tended to use DNS because Wins is easier/faster in a NT-only


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One problem we have noticed with Win95 and TCP/IP is that if you are
using HostNames in somecases windows will initially fail with a timeout
of about 1 minute then connect successfully. Did not notice any
Networking problems, only seem connect with Apps that used TCP hostnames
(Or was this before we enabled DNS??).

We found that the hostname timeout could be solved by adding the host
name and IP address to the Hosts file on the Win95 machine.

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> I assume you're using TCP/IP - in which case the client is probably
> trying
> to resolve the machine name to an IP address - hence the dial-up.
> LMHosts, Wins, DNS ?
> AFAIK Windows will try the above then DialUp then broadcast to the LAN
> using
> NetBIOS - I'm at the edge of my networking knowledge here (correct me
> someone if I'm wrong) but I'd make sure you can Ping the Server Name
> etc as
> a place to start - if you can't then you need one of the above forms
> of name
> resolution (Wins is by far the easiest on NT).
> Max

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