So your saying the BDE is designed for back-end independence and *normal*
application development rather than bulk loads?


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Seeing BDE alternatives has come up again, I just thought I'd let you all
know about some "added value" we got from the BDE...

I wrote a little Delphi program to dump data from a stored procedure select
in Interbase to a text file.
We ran it on a database with about 4.5 Million records.

After about 500,000 records it crashed - the machine had run out of virtual
memory (only had 128Mb of physical ram, and 178 of swap). We set the swap
file to 500Mb and ran it again. This time we got to the 2 Million record
mark before running out of virtual memory. We watched memory use in task
manager and it was increasing by about 300kb per minute!

After looking hard at my simple program, and trying various options with it
and Interbase, we dumped TQuery and instead used the FreeIBComponents
(avoids the BDE). Result? Without changing the program (just subsituting
components), the software dumped out the 4.5Million records in no time flat
WITHOUT any increasing memory allocation.

Hmm, guess where our "added value" was coming from?


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