Funny: I thought Paradox was famous for stability, Access for corruption -
which is why MS distribute the repair/compact as part of the jet engine.

Seriously: my experience is - that like any shared file database it will
corrupt, rarely IMHO, when the user, or OS, kills it off in mid flight.
Access is better at pretending it is a SQL back-end than Paradox so - yes
development style can kill it too.

FWIW of all the apps on Paradox I've got "out there" I've had 2 corruption
issues in the last 2 years - neither fatal. The TTUtility components, or
the TUtil32.dll (you need the correct version per BDE version), or give
Wade some $ for his new TV-Ver2 - a nice development aid for Paradox and
Interbase (and one of those other big database vendors).

The biggest issue to get right is the multi-user stuff - make sure your
.net file is correct for all users and be careful about the volume of data
you read then write back over a network.

The one area I find Paradox isn't up to scratch is in volume deletes - the
indexes just don't handle mass deletes well at all - emptying a table is
OK, so is dropping the indexes, doing the deletes, then recreating them.
You need to be off-line for that stuff ie purge/archive in small batches.

I can't point to hard evidence - but my gut feel is that Paradox gets
better with each BDE release also.


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Paradox is famous for corrupt files. I have found over the years that it is
generally an index problem caused by users not shutting programs down
properly or Windows crashing etc. There are various things you can do to
minimise it but I haven't used Paradox since Delphi 2 so maybe others can
give you some tips for later Paradox versions.

A pack/repair utility (quite a few are available) is almost essential to
distribute with your application. This way the user can fix it themselves
(doesn't look good from a user perspective, however they get used to it).

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