Borland have a sample app with source that uses the TTUtility and I never
found a case where it hasn't fixed it. As someone else said you need the
correct TTutility.dll for the BDE version your user has. I have build it
into my apps like I used to do with VB and Access (compress and repair) many
years ago, and tell users to run it on a regular bases to keep there
database. If you can't find the source let me know, but have a look under
the BDE file area.

And while everyone is on the subject of databases I personally find MS SQL
Server great most of the time (except when it goes a-wall and uses up 100%
of the resources and leaves you with little choice but to reboot the
server). When I changed to delphi 1 from VB I missed Access I found paradox
a bit incomplete but it was free so I adjusted. We did one project with IB
back in delphi 1 and yeah the interfaces were pretty horrible then. We have
now been using MS SQL for the past 3 years and found it pretty good overall.
I still use paradox for small projects and use MS SQL for large 1 - 2 Gig
databases. We have only just started using SQL 7 and found quite a few
problems (Mainly because we drived in and installed it on site without
thashing it first). The new ISQLW (Query Anal) is horrible and they must
have used different programmers on this version. It would be nice if they
extended the SQL language to allow you to write your own functions you could
use within a query (eg. like GetDate()).

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Hi all
Novice question
Have a Delphi 3 app deployed using Paradox database.

User today reported message saying  "Corrupt File - other than header

Can you people who are doing this stuff every day tell me what you do in
this situation.  What is the immediate fix, if there is one - other than
backup?  Is it likely to be caused by a design fault or is it "just one
of those things".  Having occurred once,  does that mean it is likely to
occurr again?

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