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>> Also, do not forget that what appears in journal reviews IS based on their
>> advertising budgets with those magazines - this is the real world you
>> know!
>You're definitely overstating it Gary. If it were literally true or
>widespread, none of us would read journals at all.
>Of course, perhaps you meant "some journals, some of the
>time". But I can say that, in two decades of reviewing software
>and books for a range of publications, I've never had a "steer"
>from an editor about the desired outcome.

My comment ( the "what appears in journals") referred not on the content of the 
review, but the fact that a review
has been commissioned in the first place. Having spent some time in marketing and 
promotion of services, I have
always found a direct link between the amount of editorial and the quanitity of 
advertising ordered. The editorial was
not qualified, just the size of the space made available, and on which page.

>Naturally, Interbase would get more *attention* if it had larger
>promotional and advertising budgets --

My point exactly!!!!

>that's the biggest
>weakness of Inprise/Interbase Corp as against, say, Oracle.

If Interbase spent more on advertising, then the editorial response would reflect 
that. At the moment ISC have
decided for whatever reason to spend their available resources in other directions.

>But please don't put the *content* of reviews down to advertising

I didn't mean that. Sorry that the confusion offended.




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