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>Hi guys
>Thanks for all the replie ti question over the last few days.  They are all
>printed and will be read carefully when I get time.
>On this suggestion below.  Would it be considered to be a reasonable practice
>then,. on starting the program, to remove all indexes and re-index, as a
>of course?  Or would that be a bad idea for some other reasons?  I guess
if you
>are going to do this you need to make sure that no other copies of the
>programme are running on the network.  I wouldn't know how to go about this.

Hello Mark

To remove index files and reindex requires exclusive access to table files.
To repair a table using a TUtility based program also requires exclusive
access but you need only do this when you have a known error. Regulary
scanning can be done in a read only mode where you do not need exclusive
access. Correcting could be done later.

Regular delete and reindexing is in my judgement a less attractive solution
than regularly scanning all tables using a TUtility type program and
repairing them only when they need it. Reindexing only does not repair all
types of errors. TUtility based scan and repair programs can also compare
the table structure to the structure of a known good table and repair the
working table if required.

You could, for example regularly scan when you know the files can be
exclusively accessed and repair on need. All this can be done automatically
with  a TUtility type scan and repair program.

I have one using the last TUtility and IDAPI 2.52 for D1. It required only
a text file list of table names and a companion directory containing a
known good copy of the database. It is kept in a good state because it is
only used when the scan and repair program does its comparison. Email me
privately if interested. 

Other scan and repair programs exist for later BDE versions. Search on


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