Well, I dicovered by accident that the property value IS actually being set when the OCX is created, BUT I still have to refresh the page for the form on the OCX to see the value in the property....which is still a bit of a pain...but I might just have to live with it for now, unless someone can still help me...
Jeremy Coulter
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Hi all.
Well I have hit an interesting problem that I cant seem to sort out.
I have created an ActiveX Form.
It has a main property called "Website".
I go into Frontpage and I assign the value to this and other properties.
Now, when I go to run the webpage that I created in frontpage, it is fine BUT the property I am setting a value to is blank ! (I can tell this via a showmessage())
If I then refresh the page, its there !!
This is not a great deal of use to me, as it important that I get this info from the property.
Does anyone know WHY this is the case and how or IF I can work around it ???  its a major pain in the bum !

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