it's a case of reading the system catalog (RDB$...).  There is no hacking
involved - it is all documented.

Why don't you buy tool to do this?  There's plenty about and it will be much
cheaper then the time involved in writing it yourself.

BTW, you can get the list of tables from Session.GetTableNames if you are
using the BDE.

Wade Auchterlonie

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| Behalf Of Nic Wise
| I'm trying to write an IB admin tool - ala IB Desktop, or the
| SQL Executive in MSSQL (but better :) ). Anyone know of ways to get
| 1) Lists of tables
| 2) metadata about said table
| 3) the above for SPs, generators etc
| is there DDL/DML for this, or is it hacking the RDB$ tables time??

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