In the main form in the Protected/Public Declaration put

procedure WMMove(Var Message : TWMMove); message WM_MOVE;

Then on the main form

procedure TForm1.WMMove(Var Message : TWMMove);
  if (Form2 <> NIL) then
    form2.SetBounds(message.XPOs + Width,message.YPOs + Height, Form2.Width, 

Works here.

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> Subject: [DUG]: Mainform move
> This should be a piece of cake, but I cant find any way to detect the
> movement of a mainform apart from using a messy movedhoriz:=Mainform.left,
> to locate the windows position, then check it
> against the values from time to time.
> Theres gotta be a better way??
> Whats happenin is that when my mainform is moved by clicking and 
> moving the
> caption bar, a child panel is being left behind, so when the mainform is
> moved, the child panel needs to be repainted.
> Thanks,
> Alistair+
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